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Sameer Group Pvt. Ltd. acquires online fashion giant ModLily® for $1.2 million

The online fashion giant, a US & China based company formed in 2009, with nearly 3 million followers on Facebook and one of the top five clothing retailers on Amazon has been acquired by an Indian Tech Entrepreneur, Syed Sameer Ali, 31, CEO of Sameer Group ( for $1.2 million on the online website marketplace – one of the largest such deals in the platform’s history.

The acquisition deal was completed in February 2022 and has made headlines in the e-commerce & online entrepreneur world due to the huge popularity of the ModLily brand.

Syed Sameer, CEO of Sameer Group Pvt. Ltd. was born in Aligarh, India during the Gulf War and moved to Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia when he was two years old. His father gifted him a computer for his sixth birthday and while he was a below-average student at school, he displayed a special talent for computers from a very early age.

Sameer, a self-taught programmer & web-designer, hand-coded, designed and launched his first website at the age of 11, and by 14, Sameer started his own web-design company called “CubeFlow Services”.

By 20, Sameer’s flourishing web-design company went on to earn many web-design accolades from industry leaders such as By 25, Sameer had already saved up $150,000.

Currently, Syed Sameer is 31 and is CEO of Sameer Group – a holding company with interests in e-commerce, digital advertising, and he has also been learning the ropes and taking over his family’s sizeable real-estate business based in India.

He says, “I am extremely proud of the fact that I have acquired a US based company, a very well-known brand, for a million plus dollars, having never stepped foot on US soil, from a tiny, obscure town called Aligarh in the state of Uttar Pradesh in India – this is the power of internet and of globalization. To be able to do so at the age of 31 is quite crazy.”

Asked about his future goals and ambitions, he is very straightforward and says, “I want to take to new heights, launch it in new global markets, grow my family’s real estate business, and give back to the community and my country and motherland, India and make it even prouder.”

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